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In our continuing mission to find new customers and enable them to remove their VHS bases video archives, we found company. Goedkoop Adidas Schoenen They do their press-clipping and media-clipping work and they really need video, audio, and other types of archives. So, we engaged to provide video services for them.

I can say that guys there were really interested in our work. You can’t really know how motivating that is. Their main concern is their enormous archive that goes several years in the past, and is stacked onto the shelves of their office.

One repeating issue was brought up on the meeting. That is our renown DVD export for VideoPhill player. nike tn noir femme So, with so many interested parties, it seems like we are obliged to make it.

On to the Internet we go… nike air max pas cher to find something that will enable us to do so. I can take two roads here: GPL road and fully commercial road. One leads to ffmpeg with dvdflick (or parts of it), and other leads to MainConcept.

Also, something that has troubled me for many times, is that they pay massive fees annually to the company that provides software for video clip recognition. Since that feature lies exactly on my interest path, I guess that I will try to hit that road also. I am thinking that some basic clip recognition could be build, but to fully test it we’ll need massive archive. So another curious task, to build one. My flat/office already is starting to look like a hi-tech warehouse, who know where it will go from there.

And at the end – it’s now very clear that stream logger project that I started as a pet project needs to be produced commercially. There really is a strong need for such

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a product, or a service that we could provide to them. nike air max 2016 wit Again, to test it and develop it massive storage space should be provided. nike air max 2017 pas cher I found out that Addonics has very interesting gadgets to that effect.

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