Capture, archive and stream your video

VideoPhill Recorder is an affordable software solution for archiving large volumes of video material for later analysis.  It is used by broadcasters for compliance recording and by monitoring houses to archive and analyze captured video material.  It can also provide you with a replay for your favorite TV station.


  • unlimited recording (depending only on hard disk capacity) - files are cut automatically without a single frame loss between switching
  • will record from most PC video sources such as capture cards, analog tuners, digital tuners, webcams, IPTV transport streams (MPEG2 and h.264)
  • various output formats: WMV, MPEG2 (standard, DVD), FLV
  • streaming: WMV (push/pull), MPEG2-TS (unicast and multicast)
  • adapting to other playback systems (customizable output filename)
  • imprinting timestamp directly into the saved material
  • detection of signal loss and e-mail reporting of such, even detection of unstable picture (for bad analog reception for example)
  • auto start upon system reboot, with customizable delay
  • recording of audio with video
  • various frame size options and bitrate/quality configurations
  • customizable video thumbnails, size, output format, interval
  • local or remote (LAN) playback of recorded archives via VideoPhill Player
  • simultaneous recording from ONE source to multiple outputs (up to 4 different 'encoders')
  • simultaneous recording from multiple capture cards (PRO license)

VideoPhill is provided as "Try-before-you-buy" software.

What are users saying
WYFF needed the ability to record competitive channels and search through the recordings based on time and date. After an exhausting search, WYFF found a solution that met their requirements. They chose VideoPhill's VideoRecorder and Player. Because VideoPhill is software that runs on a standard Windows-based PC, they could deploy commodity priced, multi-purpose hardware instead of proprietary, single-purposed equipment.

Doug Durke of WTFF says: "The system has run virtually non-stop with no intervention and no problems since we purchased and implemented it 2 years ago. Using VideoPhill software and re-purposing existing PC hardware, we were able to implement a system that gives us much needed competitive insight for less than $1/day."

-- Doug Durkee, WYFF,