Player Feature Table

Multiple channel access CORE
channel changing with one click CORE
combine audio and video clipping in one user interface CORE
ability to have thumbnails in different directory CORE
Archive access CORE
EPG support CORE
visually via thumbnails CORE
via calendar/hour display CORE
manually entering date and time for start/end of the clip CORE
Video player CORE
continuous playback of desired segment from the archive CORE
play/pause/stop CORE
direct seek to any point in time CORE
forward/back one frame CORE
forward/back one second CORE
forward/back 15 seconds CORE
Clipping CORE
completelly mouse-free operation CORE
one-second cutting resolution CORE
one frame resolution space
4 channel clipping storage space CORE
recalling of previous clipping work CORE
Export CORE
background export CORE
DVD VOB file export CORE
WMV export (with transcoding) CORE
FLV export CORE
WMV export (fast, without transcoding) CORE
h.264 export hi-atm
Multiple channel viewer hi-atm
4 video channels simultaneously hi-atm
Rating support lo-atm
loading of ratings from the excel file lo-atm
displaying ratings (up to 4) graph lo-atm
jumping to the archive by clicking on the interesting point on graph lo-atm
Clip tagging lo-atm
multiple tag categories (person, place, topic, product, company) lo-atm