Regulatory compliance recording

All broadcasters in all countries around the world are required to store the archive (backlog) of the program for some amount of time defined by the law in their country, and be able to extract from that archive at the request of the agency.

So far, broadcasters used VHS tapes turned on long play or extra long play, or used DVD recorders. As it turns out, that solution is nearly marginal, because it lacks all of the quality, robustness and comfort that computerized solution can provide.

VideoPhill Compliance Recording is a solution for a TV broadcaster that can provide simple, affordable, robust and reliable solution that will replace your old and troublesome equipment, and relieve you of even thinking it.

To start your Compliance Recording installation, we have to ask you few questions:

  1. how many days do you have to have in your archive?  Please check your government regulator and see what they prescribe.
  2. from the same source, please look into quality and output requirements for such system.  Sometimes WMV is enough, but sometimes they need other formats such as MPEG or DVD.
  3. what is your available video and audio input, for example: Composite Video, S-VHS, SDI, …
  4. do you prefer to purchase and set up your own PC for that, or you would like total solution from us.

When we receive that information, we’ll be able to provide you a proposal for the system that will give you continuous, trouble free archive for the video feed you provide in time period you noted, honoring desired quality.

Or we might have some aditional questions, depending on your specified needs.


In addition, you can have something extra build upon your Compliance Recording system:


If you need on-line program streaming, you can do it without additional hardware, but you just need a software option that will use same setup and will stream your input feed to the internet, in the format you need, either Windows Media or Flash Media (h.264).  Streaming option is made so it can provide different picture size and quality from the one that goes into the archive.

Various formats

If WMV output format isn’t what you need, you can produce other video formats at the same time the archive is created.  Choice of formats include: h.264, MPEG2, FLV

Clipping software

If you need more then file access to the archive, we can set you up with real clipping software that you’ll able to use for extracting material for some other use, such as web publishing.
Clipping software uses advanced user interface to allow extremely fast clipping, can connect to the EPG provider so you can find your shows faster, has little thumbnails for easier scene access, and so on. Really cool stuff, you should definitely consider it.

Multiple channels

If you for some reasons want to record more than one video channel, we can accomodate.  Depending on the number of channels, it is possible that it all can be recorded using one PC.

Different input choices

Regular version of the system comes with composite video input.  Other than that, you are able to choose: SDI input, IPTV, S-VHS, even HDMI.

IPTV encoding

If you need your video to be encoded in the Transport Stream format suitable for IPTV distribution, that can also be arranged using the same setup for recording.