Client satisfaction

As a small company, we KNOW that there is only one thing that can make us survive - and that is complete and total dedication to clients’ satisfaction.  Until now we had some occurrences where one client referred us to another, and we hope that it will continue in the future.

What are some qualities of total dedication:

  • Your needs, we’ll listen to them.  We will help you articulate them if you’re not a technical, organizational, or otherwise skilled individual but you know what you want.
  • From the start, to the end, we will try to be supportive as much as you want us to.  If you have a problem, business case, even idea, drop it to our doorsteps and see that happens.  It might be that you’ll depart with big smile on your face.
  • We will provide software, services, specifications, organization, 3rd party handling, everything the project requires to be done in order to get to the goal.  If you are buying a hardware yourself, we can tell you where, what prices to expect, what to look out for, how to prepare your existing system for it.
  • When we don’t know something, we proudly say so.  We won’t hide our incompetence that could result as a damage to you.  If you accept our ignorance of something as an honest approach, we’ll take it as an opportunity to learn and advance in that area.
  • Our systems are not perfect, but they do the job given.  If any defect is found that obstructs your work, we will work day and night to solve the problem and get you back on track.
  • We’ll answer all your mail almost immediately.  If we don’t sleep.  If there’s something critical, we’ll get right to it, and will provide detailed action plan if not.