Sale process

Our sales work internationally from one single HQ placed in Zagreb, Croatia.  We’ll try to do everything from the first e-mail to the closing of the deal through e-mail, skype and phone.
Typical sale procedure, depending on the system components needed, is outlined below.


If the customers’ need can be completely satisfied by components and features that are in the CORE space, the typical scenario would be to deploy the system, configure it and close the sale.
Later, as an option, system can be extended in a ways that client wasn’t aware before, according to new views to their problems, or some new needs.


If the customers’ system is build from components/features that are in core and crust area, we’ll have to investigate the needs in more detail first.  Then, we’ll deploy some proof of concept installation, configure it and see how it performs under real-world situations.
From that point, we’ll iterate system monitoring (everything from hardware to software to people using the system), issue gathering, prioritization, additional implementation/bugfixing, re-deployment.  We’ll do that with you until your need are met, at which point we’ll close the sale and let you work.

+lower atmosphere

Since components in that space are almost ready, we’ll be happy to provide you with our latest builds and create a proof of concept system that you’ll be able to evaluate and provide us with your feedback and wishes.
If you are really interested and see the solution as a fit for you, we’ll steer our development efforts in completing needed components so they can satisfy what you require.
If we succeed, we’ll close the sale.

+higher atmosphere components

Such systems can be build with and for clients that already have some trust in place, and will probably provide some return on investment for the partner via mutual marketing or sales activities after initial setup is complete.