Ordering VideoPhill

Since we are small company, we will try to get you the best you can buy for your money. In order to do that, we will talk to you until we both know exactly what do you need, and how do we fit in the picture of providing you whole or some part of the solution.

After that, we'll try to provide proof-of-concept installation, for 2 reasons:

  • for you to be able to have confidence in the product we are presenting to you by actually using it
  • for us to see if there are any more hidden requirements besides the ones that we already have documente.

From that point on, we will be able to nail down final price for your system, delivery dates, and so on.

Please contact us to initiate the dialog about the stuff you need.  Upon receiving your e-mail we will provide you with instructions for completing your order.

We try to be fully transparent with our pricing, so in that manner we can tell you that:

  • VideoPhill Recorder is licensed by channel of recording - 850 Euro per channel
  • VideoPhill Player is licensed per seat - 550 Euro for audio or video version, 850 Euro for hybrid version that handles both audio and video
  • StreamSink is licensed by the number of simultaneous connections (streams) it can handle -150 Euro per stream
  • TubeSink is the tool for demuxing DVB-T reception, and is charged according to the 4 channel packs - 500 Euro
  • our work costs about 100 Euro for installing and setup of one-channel recorder up to 200 Euro for 4-channel recording servers, per server
  • we charge our development work 50 Euro per hour, and it includes everything from requirements analisys to final implementation and deploymen.

Depending on your setup and total costs of the licenses and services rendered, we'll give various discounts such as 5% for 4 channels, 10% for 8 channels and so on.

With initial installation you will get:

  • full setup, support, training, monitoring for 3 months
  • e-mail support for the whole software lifetime
  • every software and feature upgrade we make one year from the date of purchase