10 reasons to order from us

During the course of communicating with our prospects and later clients, we found out that there are at least 10 reasons why they choose us over the competitors.  Here they are:

  1. we don't charge annual fees, subscription, maintenance for our products
    • When you buy it, we'll make it work for you, and if you want something extra, we'll find a way to give it to you, for some reasonable price
    • Our stuff has to work.  If it doesn't, we won't stop fixing it until it is working without a glitch.
  2. we are interested in providing software and service, not to resell hardware
    • If you ask us to provide hardware as a part of a turn key solution, we'll try to talk you out of it, because you'll get a better deal on your local market.  If we can't talk you out of it, we'll provide hardware to you at a transparent price where only surplus will be our handling fee.
  3. one man will go with you all the way - from initial contact, specifications, implementation, coaching to the final handshake - you'll have personal contact all the way
  4. our license prices are transparent, and are fixed, apart from having various volume discounts.  Our service price are also transparent.
  5. you'll get answers to all your questions in 24 hours, and most of the problems will be solved in that time
  6. we won't withold any information, as long as we know it.  Even if it goes to our disadvantage.


More (at least 4 more) points are coming!  Please challenge us...

I also found a great article, has some controversies, on why to deal with a startup, when you need something.  Here it is: Why I Work Only with Startups.