Recorder Feature Table

Capture video to directly to hard drive CORE
AVI format space
WMV format CORE
FLV format crust
MPEG format crust
3gp format space
mp4 format crust
uncompressed MOV (for ingest) lo-atm
uncompressed AVI (for ingest) lo-atm
Archive video 24/7 CORE
Automatic file cutting at desired interval CORE
Automatic file deletion at archive period expiration CORE
Scheduled recording hi-atm
Various inputs supported CORE
DirectShow capture device CORE
Webcam CORE
network IP camera space
local screen space
Transport Stream (IPTV) crust
SDI (DeckLink) lo-atm
Stream encoding CORE
Flash h.264 crust
MPEG2 Transport Stream crust
Monitoring and alerting CORE
e-mail on problem CORE
signal loss detection (blackness, blue-ness, …) CORE
framerate variation detection crust
picture freeze lo-atm
audio silence detection hi-atm
general loss of operation (VideoPhill Watchdog) CORE
Automatic start CORE
delayed recorder start CORE
automatic configuration load CORE
Preview CORE
audio preview (on/off) CORE
video preview (on/off) CORE
Multiple formats from one input CORE
mutiple encoder types at same time CORE
archiving and streaming simultaneously CORE
separate start/stop of each encoder crust
different frame size for each encoder CORE
different encoder settings for each encoder CORE
up to 4 encoders CORE
In-frame timestamp CORE
choice of font size CORE
choice of background and foreground color CORE
choice of timestamp position in frame CORE
(semi) transparent background CORE
Frame watermarking hi-atm
text watermark hi-atm
bitmap watermark hi-atm
custom text/bitmap position hi-atm
custom text/bitmap color hi-atm
Recording (or streaming) of multiple inputs to one file lo-atm
custom canvas size lo-atm
custom position and size of each input lo-atm
handling of variable FPS inputs correctly lo-atm
Multiple channel recording CORE
independant configuration for each channel CORE
independant start/stop operation for each channel CORE
Thumbnail generator CORE
configurable thumbnail size CORE
configurable picture output (JPEG, PNG) CORE
output to individual files CORE
output to Player database file CORE
Thumbnail viewer lo-atm
real-time auto following lo-atm
manual browsing lo-atm
Windows support CORE
Windows XP CORE
Windows 7 CORE
Windows 2008 R2 Server CORE
x86 CORE
x64 CORE
Linux support space