Our implementation of audio matching system is called PlayKontrol.  It will allow you to focus on your business, and eliminate hours of hours of unneeded manual search through your archives.

PlayKontrol, as implemented in the overall VideoPhill Media Monitoring package, will offer the solution for the following common use cases:

  • monitoring of competing stations or networks
  • monitoring of competitive advertisement brands
  • content infringement management
  • providing the proof-of-playback for advertisements
  • tracking of copyrighted content usage such as songs

PlayKontrol operates on audio, but since every TV spot has its audio component, it is very usefull in TV usage scenarios as well.

See it in action

You can see PlayKontrol in action in this video spot created for a on-line presentation.  It was created by acoustically transmitting the audio signal from normal desktop speakers to a webcam microphone.  See how well it performs...


It might be important to know that:

  • PlayKontrol can detect sounds as short as one second in certain scenarios
  • various detection parameters could be tuned to your certain situation
  • sound in the demo was amplified 20x to be even audible for the viewers

Already convinced? To see cutting edge audio matching technology in action, please contact us now.


For now, we implemented several important concrete use cases with PlayKontrol technology.

Playlist Generation

From the archive you supply, and with samples that you supply, we will generate a playlist for you.  Archive can be recorded at your side and uploaded to our service center, or can be recorded at our location, providing that you give us the stream that needs to be recorded.

Realtime Monitoring

PlayList generation from above work on demand and will probably be best configured if runs once a day after midnight, to provide fresh playlists for morning work.

However, sometimes business dictates that you need to know when playback happens, in that moment.  In that case, every monitoring channel can be configured to run real-time analysis against your sample-set and provide instant reports.

In that case, we will both record your content feed and provide instant reports, via e-mail and/or RSS feed.

This is most intense and elaborate way of content monitoring, and will require dedicated un-scheduled resources for you at our service center.

Automatic Duplicate Discovery

When facing a new channel, you have to clip it from the scratch, and your media monitoring operatives know how difficult that is.  To help you, we created auto-matching for the day or several days worth of archive.  You'll give your archive (or we'll record it for you) and we'll provide you with clips that repeat more than once in the archive segment.  That way you'll have your commercial spots, jingles and music candidates in no time.  Only thing left for you to do is to listen to them and store them in the database for further use.

Get started NOW!

To see cutting edge audio matching technology in action, please contact us now.  We will discuss about how do you want your implementation to look (to be as usefull to you as possible) and proceed from there.  You won't to have to purchase any hardware or software, since PlayKontrol is a service that you can use or discontinue to use at any time.  Rates are really competitive, and they start as low as $1 for hour of processed audio archive.