System component readiness comparison

We are (at least for now) development-centric company.  We are constantly building and adding new features to our system, in order to gain more value for our customers and to be able to one day stand side-by-side with our competitors.

Since we are advocates of complete transparency, we would like to present our readiness system evaluation to you, so you can later on find what features are in what stage of completeness.

We used Earth analogy for our system, and divided system components/features in the following spaces: CORE, CRUST, lower atmosphere, higher atmosphere and space.  Here is a description and qualification of each space.

Core product

Components in this space survived hardening on the field of testing for at least one year.  Each component that is listed as CORE is deployed in at least one system and is running for at least one year.

If your solution consists of only CORE components, it’s most likely that you’ll be able to download, install and configure everything by yourself, with very little or no help from us.

However, that space is MOST resistible to change.  Despite the fact that we try to create flexible and configurable system, some changes that will dig into the core system might be impossible to implement.

Crust components

Components on the crust level are developed and in-house tested components, that are sometimes even in production in our clients’ environment, so we can see their behavior.

If you need CRUST components for your solution it is possible that we’ll have to provide full consultancy for you and some extra development effort.

CRUST components are changeable, so if anything must be modified in that space, we’ll probably do it without any problem.

Lower atmosphere components

That is the space in which most of our development is.  Components in that space have features defined, pinned down, and implementation is underway.

It is possible to roll out some form of lower atmosphere components in your new system, and it will work, but will probably lack all of the features that we planned for it.

Higher atmosphere components

Those are features/components that are past inception phase, and we are drafting our plans and implementation notes for it.  Input for the components in that space is readily accepted and used.


What can we say - we are aware of that features, have identified a need for them, but don’t yet have enough resources or market pressure to pull them down.

We are constantly seeking  to find what to pull in from space down, using:

  • customer feedback.  If an existing customer wants something done, we’ll be more than happy to integrate it into the system.
  • blown sales opportunities.  Yes, it can occur when we don’t have something ready, and we identify it as a major system shortcoming.
  • intuition about what will be hot in a few years.  That’s about Mojo, can’t be explained or analyzed.  That is what makes this game fun.
  • competition watching
  • technology watching