Most of our codebase uses C# and .NET runtime 2.0.  Few things are written in C++, and some even in C.  We are into COM, DirectShow, don’t run away from assembly language if needed.


Our main platform is Windows, both XP (now really going into retirement) and Windows 7 for client applications, in addition to Windows 2008R2 Server for recorders and back-end systems.  Our software is built as x86 (with few rare exceptions) but is tested on both x86 and x64 systems.


We try to be as organized as possible, and to that effect we use:
- Mantis Bug Tracker to provide us issue tracking and some level of project breakdown
- Subversion Server and Client to store our source code
- CMS Made Simple for our website
- NUnit to create and run unit and system tests
- VMWare to automate testing
- for solving some of our problems or dilemmas
- to recruit coders that will help us build the system